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Vitulix is a feed block specifically designed for young dairy/beef calves out on Spring pasture. It is the only concentrated feed on the market to look after your youngstock whatever the weather. It provides calves with a complete feed and supplies all their required protected minerals and vitamins. It is made from dehydrated molasses and has a dry matter content of 97%.

Find out more about Vitulix – the only lick designed for calves at grass

  • Provides 20% more energy than bagged feed
  • Complements grass without replacing it
  • Contains protected protein, oils and trace elements
  • Includes three protected sources of copper
  • Reduces bullying at the trough
  • Allows younger calves to catch up with older calves
  • Made using dehydrated molasses which controls intakes
  • Helps prevent spread of diseases via birds e.g. coccidiosis
  • Reduced labour – no longer have to move troughs or carry bagged feed to calves out at grass


Feed Rate

  • 120 to 150g/head/day – ideally place 1 bucket per 15-20 calves
  • Pack size: 25kg tub

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