Are you concerned that your cattle are licking/consuming stones or briars??

PICA is a condition where cows are observed eating stones, briars, and chewing on anything they can get.

When cows are eating soil, stones, and ditches they are trying to tell us something. Again, their normal homeostasis is out, and she is trying to correct whatever deficiency is occurring.

Main causes of PICA in cattle:

  • Low Sodium
  • Low Phosphorus
  • Low fibre


Uniblock has designed PICA-LYX with all these causative factors in mind. PICA-LYX should be fed to help prevent PICA from occurring and can also be used as a treatment once cattle are already licking stones, briars etc.

Pica-LYX Composition


  • 120 – 150g/head/day (Will feed approx. 15 cows for 10 days)
  • Recommended to be placed close to a water source to encourage intakes.
  • Available in 20kg bucket

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