What’s in your grass? #MineralsMatter – March 2021
Minerals Matter - March 21

It is very important when managing stock to manage their minerals! Our latest grass sample report gives a good insight into what minerals are lacking and what we need to supplement our grazing livestock for optimum health & performance.

Mineral shortages in Spring


Magnesium Deficiency

Cause: All samples contain low/very low levels of magnesium (Post fertiliser/slurry application potassium & nitrogen levels will increase which will also reduce magnesium absorption in the rumen.)

Problem: High risk of grass tetany.

Solution: Provide high magnesium supplement


Copper Deficiency

Cause: In most samples copper in low range and molybdenum and iron levels are high/very high.

Problem: Copper deficiency occurs = poor thrive and growth, reduced immunity and fertility.

Solution: Copper supplementation recommended.



Cause: Grass is very low in sodium and because the rain has leached alkaline elements (calcium, magnesium and potassium) from the soil into runoff water, leaving acidic elements such as aluminium. This can depress phosphorus absorption and cause energy deficit in livestock.

Problem: Cattle are licking and chewing non-nutritive material (PICA condition).

Solution: Supplement with a supplement high in sodium and phosphorus i.e. Pica-Cure.


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