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Beef Booster

Boost cattle health with the help of Uniblock’s Beef Booster.

  • The only beef bucket with 4 sources of copper, vital for cattle grazing on reclaimed or high molybdenum soils to combat deficiencies.
  • Includes the all-important trace elements to support good health.
  • Also contains XP yeast, the yeast of choice on US beef farms which improves:
    • Forage digestibility
    • Mineral utilization
    • Calf weight gain
    • Colostrum quality
    • Milk production
    • Body condition
    • Health and Wellness
  • Costs just 9 cent/day.
  • Available in 20kg bucket.


  • Place close to a water source to encourage intakes.
  • 95g/head/day = 1 bucket will feed approx. 15 cattle for 14 days


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