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Settlease can promote easier breathing and help reduce respiratory problems for calves during stressful events.

Wean, house, dehorn and castrate with ease with Uniblock’s Settlease!

  • For feeding during times of stress like weaning, housing, dehorning, and castration.
  • Costs just 10 cent/day.
  • Provides youngstock with supplementary energy (ME = 8Mj/Kg) and protein alongside their forage/grass diet.
  • High levels of copper, zinc and manganese to support good health and immunity
  • Contains the vital vitamins A, D, and E to support good health
  • Includes yeast products and plant extracts to encourage forage digestion, growth and good health.


  • Costs just 10 cent/day.
  • Available in 10kg bucket


  • 100g/head/day (1 x 10kg bucket will feed approx. 10 calves for 10 days)
  • Recommended to be placed close to a water source to encourage intakes.

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