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Help avoid grass tetany (Hypomagnesia) in cattle and sheep with Uniblock’s Econo Mag bucket.

Econo Mag is the safest way to feed magnesium – it contains 2g of sugar for every 1g of magnesium. It is sweeter to guarantee protection yet hard enough to control intakes. It is formulated to maximise all trace elements which are lacking in pasture.

  • Grass tetany is most common during Spring and Autumn months
  • Cold spells of weather can encourage grass tetany
  • Ruminants do not store magnesium and require a daily supply
  • Costs just 3 cent/day.
  • Available in 18kg bucket


  • Buckets should be placed close to a water source to encourage intakes.
  • 1 bucket should last 50 sheep for 10 days/ 7 cows for 10 days


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