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Uniblock’s Garlic will help reduce fly and tick problems in your stock – Suitable for cattle, sheep and horseUniblock’s sheep mineral is the best and easiest way to keep cobalt and other trace elements topped up on a daily basis in your flock.

  • Provides full mineral and trace element supplementation to provide a balance when at grass
  • Contains copper – do not overfeed to certain sheep breeds
  • Costs just 2 cent day/ewe.
  • Available in 20kg bucket


  • 25 – 30g/head/day (1 x 20kg bucket will feed approx. 50 sheep for 16 days)
  • Recommended to be placed close to a water source to encourage intakes.

*Do not give access to lactating animals (garlic can taint milk and meat), remove from animals two weeks prior to slaughter.

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