About us


A chance meeting of a US inventor, with a patent for hardening molasses, and one of Ireland's leading mineral nutritionists lead to the setting up of Uniblock almost 35 years ago. Now part of the Rumenco group we are Ireland's largest producer of buckets under the Uniblock, Lifeline and Mixrite brands. All production is carried out at our manufacturing site in Dundalk, Co Louth. Uniblock has the largest range of buckets so farmers can buy a specific product for a particular event in the animal's life. By offering health promoting ingredients as well as minerals farmers get a better return on their investment. Along with this patented process for hardening molasses, now used by all molassed mineral block manufacturers, Uniblock has patented its horse mineral lick and the Lifeline range of colostrum boosting pre calving and lambing treatments.

We work closely with University College Dublin's school of Agriculture and the Irish advisory service Teagasc. Seven post graduate students have investigated a range of subjects including copper supplementation of cattle, mineral and energy requirements in ewes and mineral supplementation of horses at grass. We have also worked with UK research units looking at colostrum quality in ewes. Uniblock was the first mineral company in Ireland to attain UFAS certification and our horse products are NOPS certified for extra insurance. Uniblock has been supported through it development by Enterprise Ireland and it forerunners.


Why Uniblock?

Leaders in the field

Our name and reputation for quality nutritional products are well known throughout the farming industries of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tried and tested

Numerous field trials and scientific trials carried out at University College Dublin, have proved the effectiveness of the Uniblock range of mineral blocks in providing essential minerals and trace elements to livestock.

Including the renowned Lifeline range

Lifeline Precalver and Lamb & Ewe provide an independently proven route to effective animal supplementation ensuring strong, lively new born young.

Long-term customer care

Through working closely with our customers we're able to tailor our extensive product range to the needs of your valued lifestock.

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