What’s in your grass? #MineralsMatter – February 2020

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Thanks to storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge during the month of February in Ireland we experienced prolonged periods of heavy rainfall which resulted in extensive flooding across the country. It was recorded that certain places had 1.5 to 3.3 times the normal monthly rainfall for February.

Calcium across the samples may be low as a result of the acidic soil, these types of soils are often poor sources of trace elements, best action is to test soil pH and treat accordingly. Acidic soils as a result of high rainfall and soil contamination indicated a high level of aluminium in the grass tested – this can depress phosphorus absorption and cause energy deficit in livestock;
therefore, phosphorus supplementation may be necessary.

Uniblock’s herdminder bucket lick would be a good way to increase phosphorus levels to help fertility post calving. It is important to note that high levels of manganese in the grass can sometimes result in a depression of zinc and iron absorption in ruminants.


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